• 22:05:42 GMT+0000
  • March 30, 2020

Risk warning: Trading is risky and your entiry investment may be at risk

Credit Cards

In order to comply with AML guidelines and regulations, you are required to send us a cleared coloured copy of the front and back side of the credit/ debit card, which you use to deposit into your trading account, so we can verify the origin of funds.

The information, which needs to be visible on the scanned copy is:

  • the card holder`s name;
  • expiration date of the card;
  • signature on the back side of the card; 
  • first 4 and the last 4 digits of your card number (for your safety of funds we highly recommend, that you cover the middle 8 digits of the credit/ debit card number, as well as the CVV2 code on the back side of your card)

Clients with high activity on their trading account (account) will be asked to send DOD (Declaration of Deposits).

Kindly note, that a scanned copy of the front and back side of your credit/debit card will not be required, if you proceed with a wire transfer deposit. In such case, you are required to provide us with a copy of the transfer receipt/SWIFT.